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Reference person: Mr Bikima Ag Ibnou – Member of the School Management Committee.

Email: agmohamedattaheribnou@yahoo.fr  - post@helptimbolo.com

Phone: 00 223 72 80 83 02 ( Mali ).

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"It all started in 2009. The villagers of Timbolo held a meeting in which they decided to seek help for the establishment of a school in Timbolo. The reason was that a drought had killed many of the herds of these nomadic people. They realized that there was no future for their children without an education. They could not go on as before — the world was changing. They set up a school management committee that initiated the search for help. The government in Bamaka, in the person of the minister of education, would not provide funding for the school, but the government did promise at that time to supply a teacher free of charge if the villagers would build the school.
During the war in Mali that started in 2012, many families fled to refugee camps in Mauritania. Bikima's family returned to Timbolo in 2014, and the process of establishing a school began anew. Bikima decided to use social media to seek assistance. Thanks to all who have shown interest in, and have supported, our work!
In order to continue, the school will depend on future donations. The villagers of Timbolo are grateful for all the donations received so far. They send their greetings and best wishes to all of you out there!
The power of education is the way out of poverty, and gives the Tuareg children a future of hope."




I am Britt Hansen, from Oslo, Norway, and I am leader of the organization Help our School. The organisation are runned by sami who are an indigenous people in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. The organization are run by volunteers, and our main purpose is to help the tuareg children with education. We work both independently and with partners. We also aim to help other indigenous peoples who are striving to gain recognition of their human rights.


We are working with the Tuareg in Timbolo, Mali, to help them run the school and get educational supplies for their children. With the help of your donations, we hope to provide the school with supplies and to operate it. The school will greatly improve the lives of the children and families of the village. We will not just be providing a school, but also be changing the future of the children of this community and their families. Please share this website with your friends on Facebook.


Here is some basic information about conditions in the village:


• The village of Timbolo is located 25 kilometers northwest of Timbuktu, Mali.

• There are 65 village children between the ages of 5 and 14 — 29 boys and 36 girls — who need continual supplies of educational materials, such as books and pencils.

• The children also need two trained teachers and a school building.


We are requesting financial contributions for educational supplies; all the money will go toward serving the 65 children. In addition to giving these children a school, teachers, and an education — which is a basic human right — we are making a better world. We hope you can provide support, and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Every donation, whether large or small, is welcome."


Coordinator: Ms Britt Hansen

Manager of the organization.

Email: post@helptimbolo.com

Phone: +47 913 04 409 ( Norway )



My name is Renate and i live in the Netherlands.

Since i am a fan of Tinariwen, i got in contact with Bikima by the Facebook-page of this band.

Bikima told me about the need of a school for the the children of his village Timbolo.


To my opinion education is very important for the development and future of these children.

That’s why i contacted KOOK, a second handstore which contributes money to this kinds of projects. I asked them if there was a possibility to support this project. Fortunately they were interested and KOOK has provided money to buy the materials to build the school. 


I wish the children lots of fun with the education.


One day i hope to visit the village, meet the people and see how it all worked out.

Organisation Help our School


This organisation was established to give the tuareg children in Timbolo (Timbuktu/Mali) education possibility. The school committee management worked five year to realise the school project. 

The sami organisation Samiland to the world, wanted to show solidarity with other indigenous people and started to search for help for fundings to build the school. KOOK in Netherlands gave us financial help for building the school, and the sami organisation as well as donators all over the world, bought educational supplies and pay salary for two teachers. The school have two classes.

The founders

Help our School was registered in Norway january 2017, with org.nr 918406476 ,as volunteer organisation. We have 3 boardmembers. Annual report of the organisation work will be sent every year in february.

Our partners in Mali are the school committee management with 6 boardmembers (4 men and 2 women).

Together with the school management members we make decision for the use of the donations. Till now - the money have gone to pay the teachers and buy educational supplies. Late in may 2017 we got donation that gave us the possible to offer the children one meal pr day, which make the children more motivated for the school.

The donations

All the money from the donations goes to the school. The tuareg society in Timbolo worked volunteer during the building of the school and making the meals for the children. They also donated jewellery that is sold via webpage.

The organisation work to handle the economy - and to find eventually partners to the school. We are responsible for the webpage and all the technical operations with it.

Two members of the school committee management are taking care of buying the educational supplies and the teachers salaries. For all investments, paying the board members send receipt to the organisation.

The only paid workers are two teachers. All the others work volunteer.


The organisation work to establish the economy, to secure the school.

We still have many things to buy, the most important now is inventory to the school. That will make the situation better for the children.

We have also received postal packages which included notebooks, pens, bags to children for their school books, books etc etc.

The last year we also sold jewellery, donated by the Timbolo families, which has been a good success.

We still need more donators and thank we want to thank every one of you that donated to the school. The tuareg society in Timbolo have for the first time seen that there is hope for their children, and that education is the freedom for their people.

Please help our school to be secure in future and help us  to make a better world for the future generation.

School started on 11 October 2016, but we always need your donations in order to continue buying supplies and to afford a salary for a second teacher. This is essential for our children's receiving a quality education.