The Timbolo school’s management committee had a boardmeeting december 2018 where he talked about these topics:

  • manage the logistics of the school
  • ensure the smooth running of the school program
  • manage the school canteen
  • introduced young girls to the management
  • raising awareness among students and parents of the importance of education in peace and for the future of the children and the tuareg community
  • preservation of the school materials
  • protect the whole school

We wish you a good new year full of love, hope and peace.
Member of School Committee 
Bikima Ag Ibnou

Timbolo School Management Committee during its meeting December 2018. We introduce the young girls in the organization. We are more than happy that we received enough funds to keep on the school and that also we can offer a meal per day for our students. Thanks to everyone who have supported us and be sure we are very grateful for that. The fact that people are afraid, and we are living in a dangerous situation, schools receive treats and people die every day. We believe that with education we will win the peace and build a future for these communities. We also hope to have you all with us in this mission and any donation would be a great help.