the opening of schools in Mali

The 1st of November 2021 marks the opening of schools in Mali. It is an immense joy that can be seen on the faces of our children who are the first beneficiaries of this project. As in the tradition of the school at each opening the parents of students gave words of encouragement, we distributed school materials, and then the teacher provided a lesson in Tifanagh (Tamashek) after the official opening the children went for a break to taste the school canteen. The children of the village participate massively in the lessons, where they are learning and enjoy an educational environment, totally opposite of the insecurity and conflicts which is the sad reality in the area.

We can never thank enough our generous donors who have contributed to the achievement of this goal and have allowed our children access to education which is the fundamental right of all children. Developing on this dynamic we are very positive that the future of this generation will be brilliant!


All photos by Bikima Ag Ibnou