Reopening of the classes in a new building
From the opening of the new School. Copyright photo: Bikima Ag Ibnou.

Reopening of the classes in a new building

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  • Post published:29th January 2021
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Today – January 29th 2021 marks the Timbolo/Tintehatene school classes’ reopening in a new building thanks to our Swedish partners. The school supplies shared, the children clothes, everything was installed, and Bikima gave the first lesson in Tamasheq/Tifinagh (Tuareg language/alphabet). 

The Timbolo community send their thanks to everyone who has participated in the realisation of this goal. “Today, we see something concrete and hope. It’s a significant step forward to build up our community for a better future and give the children their right to education“, said a member of the school committee.