The crime against education

The crime against education

Sad day for our society
Dear friends. It’s so horrible, and sorry to inform you that two night ago someone jumped into the fence of Timbolo’s School and burned everything. It is a small community school with two classrooms, and one small office for the teachers and a bathroom. The school was made of mate and woods, and located in the west north of Timbuktu. The building finished at 2016 with funding from KOOK, Netherlands. The school has been educated the nomads’ children for three years now.

We have no idea who and why, and we can’t find a possible reason for this crime. It could be because of racism or jealousy or simply because some people are against the classic education and development.

Luckily no one was there when it happened. The children, teachers, the members of the school committee, all of them are on holidays since the end of June and gave an appointment in October for the school entry. Timbolo people already moved to the north when the burning of the school happened. Two weeks ago it was raining in the north, most of the nomadic people moved there with animals.

For the moment, we try to be grateful for everyone’s safety and focus on the future. We stay silent and keep the people safe because we have no idea what is on the mind of these criminals.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in this mission for the last three years.

Bikima Ag Ibnou
Member of the school committee